roadmap ftx fund

Our roadmap has been methodically built from the ground up starting with the creating of experienced teams, superior technology and legal foundations to enable the quick follow-up execution of all projects within the FTX Fund ecosystem.


  • - Security analysis and vulnerabilities and treat assessment
  • - Full inspection of all operating code
  • - Vulnerability and Penetration testing
  • - Dynamic Integration testing
  • - Advanced code behaviour analysis in predictable scenarios
  • - Signed audit contract and received Certificate of Compliance
  • - Whitepaper publishing
  • - FTXF cryptocurrency launch and public introduction


  • - Start of pre-sales for partners, early investors and the staking pool community
  • - Beginning of mass media campaigns on social media and international news channels
  • - First sale of FTXF token incentives to the community, launch of Staking App
  • - Launch of public sales on the website


  • - Listing of FTXF token on 2 DEX exchanges
  • - Listing on Coingecko and Coinmarketcap
  • - Launch of reverse auction e-commerce platform as part of FTXF ecosystem
  • - Further listing on top-scale centralized exchanges (CEX)
  • - Launch of Android and IOS applications


  • - Launch of digital real-estate platform DIASPLAT
  • - Launch of cryptocurrency exchange WOWICEX
  • - Development of Android and IOS applications for DIASPLAT and WOWICEX
  • - Whitepaper and business plan for PAYGATE
  • - Ongoing updates of existing ecosystem and infrastructure